You & Me
Released 2019

Full audio will be released soon on Spotify and available in Stores 13.03.20

01. Come Away

02. You & Me

About You & Me

Let The People Rejoice
Released 2008

01. Celebrate The Lord Our God

02. Let The People Rejoice

03. Jesus Is Over All

04. Jesus Loves Me

05. The Lord Is My Shepherd

06. You Are There For Me

07. In The Presence Of The Lord

08. Come To Him

09. Hallelujah To You Be Praise

10. Worthy Is Your Name

God Is For Me
Released 2005

01. Praise The King Of Glory

02. You Are The Only God

03. He Is The Holy God

04. Come With Thanksgiving

05. Fill Me Up

06. God Is For Me

07. I Believe In You

08. Jesus Is Lord

09. Jesus Christ Is All I Need

10. He Is Emmanuel

11. Make Me To Be Like You

I Will Sing His Praise
Released 2001

01. Praise Be To The Name Of The Lord

02. Temiladejesu

03. None Like Him

04. I Want To Praise Jehovah

05. You Are God

06. Hallelujah

07. You Are My Rock.mp3

08. All Hail King Jesus

09. Freely Receive

10. Your Grace Is Enough

11. I Will Sing His Praise

12. None Like Him